Dicen que para ganar hay que perder, pero ya no se que más perder.

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“Supe en el segundo en que te conocí que había algo en ti que yo necesitaba. Resulta que no era algo en ti en absoluto. Eras solamente tú.” —


 Eras solamente tú.”

— Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

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So, this beautiful woman made her debut in geisha life the 28 October 2004  in the Harutomi okiya in Miyagawacho. Her okaansan chose a really beautiful name, Miehina. This name means “beautiful blessing doll”. But I don’t who is her One-san or if she have a One-san… Sorry.

I do not know how she’s spent his maiko stage except I know thaht she went in England. I tell you the complete story. For a “japan” convention in England (who the geishas are invited) she and the jikata geiko Fukuwaka going in the England. Miehina keep a very good memory of England.

Miehina have her erikae the 17 September 2009. She is famous for her shamisen talent but she dance also. She don’t have a little sister because her okiya isn’t sufficiently popular for attract the futur shikomi. Miehina is really good friend with Fukunae, i don’t know much of her relationship with another geisha.

For the anecdote Miehina comes to a geisha family. Her grand mother was a retired geisha for a  example. She don’t wanted to become geisha for a family tradition but she wanted become geisha because she love shamisen and the tradionnal dance.

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen | Pre-Fall ‘13

Just title this collection “things I’m gonna wear when I take over the earth”

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Pero encontrarla y perderla …

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Upside Down Cross - Pink